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Apple may reportedly move 20% of iPhone production from China to India

Apple is looking into shifting a significant portion of its production to India from China, a move that would make the tech behemoth India’s largest exporter, according to a report from Indian news outlet The Economic Times

The iPhone maker is considering producing up to $40 billion worth of smartphones over the next five years through manufacturers Wistron and Foxconn, the Indian Economic Times reported, citing a government official.

The development comes as the coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan, China, disrupted supply lines for tech companies.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with top executives of Apple, Samsung and domestic phone manufacturer Lava last December to start the process.

“India isn’t a big market for Apple as the company sells only a fraction of its total output in India. It is actually looking at India as a base to manufacture and export, essentially diversifying its production out of China,” an official told the Indian Economic Times.

Apple sells phones worth about $1.5 billion in India, of which about $500 million is manufactured locally, the report said.

By comparison, Apple in 2018-2019 produced about $220 billion worth of merchandise in China, with $185 billion of that exported.

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Free Tools & Courses Worth $10000, Can Use During The COVID-19 Crisis

Free Tools & Courses Worth $10000, Can Use During The COVID-19 Crisis. Because of Coronavirus impact, many companies are giving their premium digital marketing and SEO courses and tools worth $10000+ (Rs. 7 Lacs+) absolutely free. Companies like LinkedIn, Spyfu, TechSmith, MOZ, Ahrefs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Spyfu, TechSmith, HootSuite and many others are providing their courses or tools for free.

Take the advantage & grow your skills, business, blog etc. during these 21 days while you are sitting at home. Most of these companies are giving their digital marketing & SEO stuff for as long as 6 months.

Free tools & courses worth $10000
Free tools & courses worth $10000

List of Free Courses and Tools That You Can Use for Free During the Coronavirus Lockdown


Moz, The SEO pioneers is offering over a dozen courses which will help you You can avail their premium courses on topics like local SEO, keyword research Technical SEO, backlinks basic & much more to improve your SEO skills. You can avail their premium courses on topics like local SEO, Technical SEO, keyword research, backlinks basic and much more. 

In order to avail these courses, all you need to do is click on the link below. Create an account at Moz & purchase any course of your choice. At the end of the checkout, you just need to add coupon code wegothis  to get that course for absolutely free. 

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Ahrefs is the most extensively used SEO tool. It helps to do keyword research, site audit, technical analysis & Ahrefs is now offering its most popular course Blogging for Business completely free & much more. 

Ahrefs is now offering its most popular course Blogging for Business completely free. This 5 hours Seo covers almost everything that will help you to grow your business blog & generate sales through it. 

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Unlike Moz and ahrefs which offers complete solutions to all your SEO needs, spyfu focuses on keywords. Spyfu is a popular keyword research tool used by thousands of digital marketers all around the world.

In Their Latest blog post, they have announced that spyfu is free for anyone needs it. All you have to do is contact their support team at and request to get spyfu free version. 

Watch this video for more details

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Hootsuite is a social media management software which helps you to manage multiple social media accounts via a single dashboard.

Hootsuite is offering free access to its software until 1st July 2020. Additionally, you also get access to its library of social media courses & other essential tools. 

For more details on how to get access to Hootsuite, please refer to this link. 


Heard of Skillshare before? If not let me tell you, Skill is a popular learning community for creators like you. At skillshare, you get to learn from thousands of classes on topics like design, photography, sales, marketing and much more.  

You can learn almost anything at skillshare. Also, you can share your skills by joining as a teacher at skillshare. There are lots of options to explore at skillshare.

Skillshare is offering free 2 months paid membership plan.  Interested to join. Then click this link to enroll.


Shopify, a popular eCommerce platform used by millions of entrepreneurs to sell their products online.

In order to extend its support Shopify is doing their part by offering 90 days more If yes, then this is the right course for you.extended free trials of its software along with other support.

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Want to learn web development or mobile development? Well, Codecademy is the best place to get these skills. Code academy is the online platform which helps to learn different programming languages. 

As part of the scholarship to students, Code Academy is offering access to code academy pro accounts to 10,000  students across the world. 

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Want to learn video scriptwriting?

If yes, then this course is right you. Join this course now to receive step-by-step lessons to master the art of video script writing over the next 14 days. 

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Focus: Web Hosting Provider

Offer: Altechmind is the leading IT company in India. To support business during these dificult times. Altechmind is now offering more than 3 month of Unlimited Web Hosting plan (cost of 14$) is free without any limit, to those affected by COVID-19. Coupan Code: ACOVID19


Focus: Online databases and spreadsheets.

Offer: Any non-political, humanitarian effort tackling COVID-19 pandemiccan use the company’s Airtable Pro product for free for the next 3 months. Airtable is also offering all students with a .edu email account a free with two-year subscription.


Focus: Low-code application platform.

Offer: The company has made an application that can help manage the health and safety of employees free of charge to its customers and to any organization with over 1,000 employees.


Focus: Workflow and team-collaboration tools.

Offer: The company’s flagship products, such as its Jira issue-and-project-tracking software and Confluence team-collaboration offering, will now be free for teams of up to ten people with no time limit. Atlassian is also offering K-12 schools and higher education institutions free one-year subscriptions to its Trello Business Class service, which can be used by teachers to schedule coursework and other activities.


Focus: Team collaboration and communication platform.

Offer: The company is offering its Avaya Spaces collaboration software for free to educational institutions and nonprofits through 31st August in countries where it is available. There is set a limit of 200 participants per meeting on the service.

Get Complete Package Of Informative Website Now Only @ ₹7999 | All In One By Altechmind

Get Complete Package Of Informative Website Only @ ₹7999 | All In One By Altechmind

What Is Informative Website Package

Altechmind “Informative Website Package” are designed for organizations that want to better & hassle free web services for their Shop, Outlets or Individual Needs to get found in world wide web & reach their customer globally. Get now only @₹7999

What Altechmind Offers In This Package

In this package Altechmind Web Services provides each & every services, which required to business go online. like:-

  • Web Design & Development
  • Free Domain Name With 1 Year Subscription
  • Web Hosting With 1 Year Subscription
  • Free SSL Certificate With 1 Year Subscriptions
  • 20 Business Email Account
  • On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • One Time Maintenance Free.
No alt text provided for this image

How Many Pages Will Be Designed By The Package?

Package includes website design & development, which contain mainly following pages :-

  • Home Page
  • Services Page,
  • Portfolios/Gallery Page,
  • About Page,
  • Contact Page
  • 1 Form Include.

Note :- Customization available as per your requirement.

Which Web-Hosting Plan Will Be Provided In The Package?

Package includes standard web hosting plan with own separate Panel daily backup included, 99.99% Up time, Server level protection & More

Which Domain TLD Includes In The Package?

Package includes 1 free domain from any of followings domain name TLDS list. Which contains 1 Year validity. The Domain Name are :-

.com / .in / .net /.info / .org & more as per your requirements

What Is SSL Certificates? Which Include In This Package?

Yes, SSL also include in this Package. SSL tends for Secure Sockets Layer Certificate, which helps make more secure & safer your website. After installations your website will redirect to http link to https with the lock or protected symbol. It will also help the website & business to appear in all search engine webmaster. Like Google, Yahoo, Bing & many more.

How Many Business Email Id Will Get In The Package?

Package includes 20 of cost effective email accounts, which are perfect for any of your professional business emails. Features:-

  • Priority Inbox Delivery
  • Web-Based Email
  • Secure Webmail
  • Geo Redundant Services
  • Powerful Anti-Spam Protections
  • Easy Collaboration

Which SEO Include In The Package?

Package includes On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website, with this help get your business found in first page of Search Engine Like Google, Yahoo, Bing & More. SO your potential clients can easily get in touch with your business.

Free Maintenance?

One time maintenance cost is included in the package. So please let us know for any changes and up-gradation of website. we will start work on that asap! After finish one time free maintenance, if your required more of it, you can choose our ALA Carte Package.

How Much Time Required To Website Go Live?

Our Team will make sure the website will be deliver to you within 10 days. Once you finish order.

What Is The Cost For Renewal?

Only you have to pay only ₹3000/Year as your renewal fee for your (Web Hosting + Domain + SSL Certificate), Which normally charges is more than ₹5000. If you choose this package only you have to pay ₹3000 per your as your renewal fee.

How We Could Book This Package?

You can book this package via various type:-

Book On Website:- Please follow the link & go to below order form & book your package by providing details –

VIA Mail:- Write a order mail to us with the your required details:-

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Note:- Customization Also Available For All Services

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More than 60% Companies will adopt Artificial Intelligence in 2020

At one time, artificial intelligence, data-driven marketing and voice search engine optimization (VSEO) were ambitious concepts bordering on the ridiculous. Today, these innovative trends are among the top priorities for most business owners in 2020.

And why wouldn’t they be? After all, if your business has any intention of remaining competitive in today’s online landscape, you must adapt to the rapidly evolving changes in digital marketing:

Read on to discover how more than 60% Companies will adopt Artificial Intelligence in 2020. It will help your business not just survive, but thrive in this age of innovation.

Artificial Intelligence Innovations

If you haven’t already realized it, 2020 may be the year that a lot of people wake up to the dominance of artificial intelligence (AI). It’s sure to be at the heart of global business and industry in the future – and it’s already taking over many simple jobs.

For example, Microsoft and Uber use Knightscope K5 robots to “patrol parking lots and large outdoor areas to predict and prevent crime. The robots can read license plates, report suspicious activity, and collect data to report to their owners.” You can rent these R2-D2-like robots for $7 an hour – which is less expensive than a human security guard’s wage:

Autonomous Security Robot

Predictions about AI

Just a couple years ago, Gartner analysts predicted that by 2020, AI technologies would be pervasive in almost every new software product and service – a prediction that Harvard Business Review seconded earlier in 2019.

According to Techgrabyte:

“Artificial intelligence is the biggest commercial opportunity for companies, industries, and nations over the next few decades” and “will increase global GDP by up to 14% between now and 2030,” which means that “AI latecomers will find themselves at a serious competitive disadvantage within the next several years.”

Here are the top reasons why adopting AI?

Percentage of respondents who somewhat or strongly agree with each statement

Precentage of respondents who somewhat or strongly agree with each statement
Precentage of respondents who somewhat or strongly agree with each statement

AI can analyze consumer behavior and search patterns, and use data from social media platforms and blog posts to help businesses understand how customers find their products and services.

One exciting example of AI in practice is chat bots (more on that later). MasterCard created a Facebook messenger bot – which uses natural language processing software to decipher what the customer wants and respond as if it were a real person – to automate handling payments:

AI Bassed Mastercards
AI Bassed Mastercards

Artificial intelligence will soon be the driving force behind many services and, currently, we already see it implemented in such areas as:

  • Basic communication
  • Product recommendations
  • Content creation
  • Email personalization
  • E-commerce transactions
AI bassed industry
AI bassed industry

Where is Artificial Intelligence right now?

  • Two out of three people are already using AI, without even knowing they are interacting with chat bot.
  • By the year 2020, 60% of companies will be using artificial intelligence for driving digital revenue.
  • AI will grow into a $190B industry by 2025.
  • 97% of mobile users are already using AI-Powered voice assistant.
  • 71% B2B Marketers are interested in using AI for personalization.

Businesses adopting AI in 2020 will be able to cut staffing costs and accelerate growth, getting an edge over their competitors.