Focus: Workforce governance and compliance.

Offer: With many workers now operating remotely, Aware is offering its Spotlight product for free through May. The software gives employers insights and analytics on their distributed workers.


Focus: Connectivity for remote work.

Offer: Licenses are being provided free of charge for 60 days to a number of BlackBerry’s services that support remote-working connectivity, including BlackBerry Desktop and BlackBerry 2FA.


Focus: Finance and accounting software.

Offer: All existing BlackLine customers who don’t already have it can get access to the company’s task and reporting software free for the next six months.


Focus: Videoconferencing service.

Offer: The company is making its service available for free to first responders and NGOs helping communities manage COVID-19 outbreaks. They will get organization-wide access for 90 days and the company says it could extend that term if circumstances warrant doing so.


Focus: Online board meetings.

Offer: Nonprofits who sign on before the end of April can use Boardable’s service at no cost for 90 days to manage virtual meetings and committees.


Focus: Supply-chain software.

Offer: Bonfire makes software that helps companies with strategic sourcing—an area of considerable focus right now. It is making its platform free of charge to public-sector organizations in North America through the end of July.


Focus: Cloud content collaboration and storage.

Offer: Box has made the business edition of its service, which offers things such as unlimited storage and data-loss protection, available for free for 90 days according to a tweet by the company’s CEO, Aaron Levie.


Focus: Recruitment software and video interviews.

Offer: The company has made its live video interview and assessment capabilities free to all organizations for at least 60 days.


Focus: Scheduling software integration with videoconferencing services.

Offer: Calendly used to charge for integrating with some videoconferencing services such as Zoom and GoToMeeting. This integration is now free and the company will also be offering unpaid access to its premium service for teams working on projects to tackle COVID-19.


Focus: Visualization and spatial-analysis software.

Offer:  The company is making its service free of charge to public and private organizations fighting COVID-19 via its grants program, which has already helped other kinds of public-interest projects.


Focus: Videoconferencing service.

Offer: The creator of Webex is boosting the capabilities of the free version of its videoconferencing software in countries where it is available. It’s scrapped time limits on meetings and has expanded the service’s capacity so that it can support up to 100 people on a call. (If you are looking for musical inspiration, the Webex team has curated its own work-from-home playlist here.)


Focus: Low-code service for process management and CRM.

Offer: Through October 1, healthcare agencies and hospitals, nonprofits, government agencies and other organizations battling COVID-19 can request free access to the company’s Service Creatio platform, which helps with things such as case management, message handling and call processing.


Focus: Employee Engagement Software

Offer:- ClarityWave is a leading employee engagement software for companies that care about their employee culture. Remote work can be a challenge. To support businesses during these difficult times, Clarity Wave is now offering 3 months of free access, without any limit, to those affected by COVID-19


Focus: Machine learning and data preparation.

Offer: For organizations helping with the COVID-19 response effort, the company is opening up its enterprise AI platform free of charge. This enables users to prepare data for machine-learning models and then to run them.


Focus:  Cloud-based phone system and videoconferencing service.

Offer: Dialpad is giving any business in North America and Japan its cloud-based phone system, Dialpad Talk Pro, for free for the first two months of usage. Customers can cancel without cost at any time during that period, which may be extended. It is also offering its videoconferencing tool, UberConference Business, at no charge for the same amount of time.

Diligent Corporation

Focus: Online board meetings.

Offer: The company is making its software available for free to nonprofits and K-12 school boards who need to conduct remote board meetings during the COVID-19 crisis.


Focus: Cloud content collaboration and storage plus electronic agreements.

Offer: Dropbox Business, which enables people to work remotely, and HelloSign Enterprise, which manages electronic agreements, will be free for six months for nonprofits and NGOs involved in the battle against COVID-19.


Focus: Cloud data management and data protection.

Offer: Through 30 June, Druva is making its service available for free for 180 days. Each customer can have up to 300 Office 365 users with a maximum of 15 gigabytes (GB) of data per user and up to 300 endpoint protection users with a maximum of 50GB per user.

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