EZ Texting

Focus: Text-based messaging.

Offer: The company is offering a free emergency text alert service for municipalities, government agencies and schools with a .gov or .edu email address.


Focus: Team collaboration and communication platform.

Offer: A premium version of Workplace Advanced, which provides users with an internal version of Facebook complete with services such as video calling and file sharing, is now available for free to emergency services and governments for 12 months. Organizations have until June 30 to sign up for the offer. When the unpaid period of their contracts expires, they can choose to stay with the premium service or drop down to a more basic free one.


Focus: Cloud-based sales and support.

Offer: For small businesses with less than 50 employees, Freshworks is making its customer-engagement tools free of charge for the next six months. These can be used to handle things such as customer queries and some elements of remote work.


Focus: Videoconferencing service and online productivity tools.

Offer: Google Cloud has announced free access to its advanced Hangouts Meet videoconferencing capabilities for all customers of its G-Suite and G-Suite for Education services. This enables calls of up to 250 people and also allows meetings to be recorded and saved on Google Drive.


Focus: Social media management.

Offer: Through July 1, Hootsuite is offering free access to its professional product for nonprofits and small businesses most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, who can use it to engage with their audiences and manage crisis communications.


Focus: Privacy-management software.

Offer: As record amounts of data are being processed in the effort to combat COVID-19, privacy is a key concern. Hyperproof is offering software free of charge that can help organizations stay compliant with privacy regimes in the U.S. and Europe.


Focus: Cloud-based business productivity and educational services.

Offer: Big Blue is offering free 90-day access to things such as IBM Aspera, its service for high-speed file-sharing and team collaboration, and its IBM Sterling supply-chain management service. The company is also making available for free several educational resources, including its Teacher Advisor with Watson, a curated planning tool and database of K-8 math lessons.


Focus: Videoconferencing, webinars and device management.

Offer: LogMeIn, which offers the GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar services, has created special bundles of its products to support emergency remote working. As well as supporting virtual meetings, LogMeIn’s software can also help manage remote workers’ devices and apps. It’s offering three-month site-wide licenses for free to organizations such as healthcare providers, educational institutions and municipalities. Existing customers can tap these bundles and get site-wide licenses for additional tools for three months at no extra cost.


Focus: Videomessaging service.

Offer: Loom is scrapping a limit on the number of videos that a user can access under its free plan through July 1 (previously the limit was 25) and extending the free trial period of its premium Loom Pro service from 14 to 30 days. It’s also making Loom Pro free for students and teachers at K-12 schools, universities and other educational institutions with no time limit.


Focus: Electronic information-sharing.

Offer: MailChimp’s platform is used by marketers to distribute e-mail newsletters and other online promotions. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the company is offering free accounts for its more feature-rich service to local governments, schools, healthcare providers, nonprofits and other organizations that need to communicate critical health information about the disease. Existing customers who fall into these categories will not be billed during this period and those who are on MailChimp’s free or basic plans will be upgraded to the standard one at no cost.


Focus: Team collaboration and communication platform.

Offer: Microsoft Teams, the company’s collaboration and communication platform, is scrapping the user limit on its free version, which was previously restricted to 300 people. Microsoft has also announced it is making the basic version of its Office 365 enterprise suite of productivity tools such as Word and Excel free for six months to organizations, which gives users access to the premium version of Microsoft Teams.


Focus: Voice-transcription service.

Offer: Organizations can get free access for two months to Otter.ai’s enterprise offering, Otter for Teams, which automatically transcribes meetings, distance learning classes and other things. Those who sign up to the service by May 1 will be able to add up to ten of their employees to the service as users.


Focus: Electronic signatures for documents.

Offer: PandaDoc has created a free e-signature service with no limits to the number of documents that a user can manage via it.


Focus: Capture and distribution of video content.

Offer: Panopto Cloud, which can be used by executives, teachers and others to record and distribute video content, is letting new users have the service for free for three months and won’t cap the amount of material that can be captured and streamed.

Quick Base

Focus: Digital-workflow management.

Offer: Healthcare providers, governments, educational institutions and nonprofits can get free access to Quick Base software that helps them digitize workflows through September 30.


Focus: Cloud-communications service.

Offer: RingCentral Office, which includes call-management, videoconferencing and other tools, is now free for K-12 schools, healthcare providers and nonprofits.


Focus: Cloud-based health system and data plus team collaboration platform.

Offer: The cloud giant is providing free access to its Health Cloud service for response teams, call centers and care-management groups for health systems impacted by COVID-19. It is also making the basic service of its Quip team collaboration software available for any Salesforce customer or nonprofit through September 30. The company’s Tableau unit has also made available a free hub of coronavirus-related data resources.


Focus: Cloud-based productivity and learning services.

Offer: SAP has made a range of its services available for free. They include its SAP Ariba Discovery supply-chain software and its Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse service, which lets organizations connect with—and get feedback from—remote workers. SAP is also offering some free courses through its SAP University Alliances program.


Focus: Emergency-response applications.

Offer: ServiceNow, whose software helps organizations digitize workflows, has rolled out several new applications. One that was developed in conjunction with the state of Washington State’s Department of Health manages incident-response workflows and is being made free to other agencies. The other applications, which are free for ServiceNow customers and can be accessed by non-customers too, include ones that help businesses deal with workflows associated with sharing COVID-19-related information and situations in which employees have to self-quarantine.


Focus: Team collaboration and communication platform.

Offer: Slack is offering free upgrades to paid plans for organizations working on coronavirus research, response or mitigation, as well as to local media organizations and scientific publications covering these areas. The company has also removed the 250-user cap on its Standard Plan service for all nonprofits for three months.

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